Vocational Case Management is a process that enables a person with disabling health conditions to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining or returning to regular employment and/or other gainful occupations.   Vocational Specialists will identify vocational alternatives that are within an individual’s current skill and ability levels.

MMRO’s Vocational Specialists retain Masters Degrees in counseling and rehabilitation. In addition, many have other certifications in related fields, including: Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC), Certified Disability Management Specialist (CDMS), Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor (LRC), American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE), and Certified Case Manager (CCM).

Vocational Assessment

A Vocational Assessment will analyze alternative jobs or occupations that an individual would be qualified for and could perform based on an individual’s transferable skills that are within the individual’s physical, psychological and/or emotional capacity. These types of assessments validate an individual’s qualifications and opportunities for alternative work at prevailing wages.  MMRO utilizes applicable industry-based practices to assess transferable skills and determine the potential for alternative work capacity based on the functional capacity of the individual. Through a careful analysis of an individual’s work history, educational background, and functional abilities, the Vocational Specialist will survey a specified geographical area that demonstrates whether employment exists and provide the prevailing wages for employment.

Wage Earning Capacity Assessment

Vocational Specialists will provide a comprehensive vocational assessment to determine wage earning capacity by evaluating educational background, work history, skill set, qualifications, and licenses/certifications.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

  • Individualized Rehabilitation Plan
  • Job Placement Services
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Seeking Skills Training
  • Labor Market Survey (LMS)
  • Resume Development
  • Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)